Should I Replace My Lacrosse Stick? When to Buy a New Head

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The lacrosse stick is the one tool that is used the most in all lacrosse games. Since it is used every single game, it can get worn out really quickly. I noticed that there are many lacrosse players who don’t know when to replace their stick because it is worn out. If that is you, here’s what you need to know.

On average, lacrosse sticks/shafts should not be replaced unless they are broken, however, a lacrosse head that attaches to the stick should be replaced when you notice that the plastic starts to warp and bend too much when playing. The mesh should be replaced once you notice it stretched too much.

While this is a quick answer that summarizes when to replace your lacrosse stick, there’s much more you need to know in order to take care of your lacrosse stick. I will break down exactly how to know when the parts of your lacrosse stick are worn out and how to replace them!

How often should you replace your lacrosse stick?

In general, a lacrosse stick/shaft should not be replaced unless it is broken. Most lacrosse sticks are made out of solid wood and are very durable. They could last for a very long time without any problems. Replacing your lacrosse stick is a matter of preference if it’s still whole and operational.

The lacrosse stick, which is also known as the shaft, is one of the most durable pieces of equipment in the sport of lacrosse.

It usually lasts for a very long time since it is either made out of solid wood or steel. Breaking the stick would require a lot of force which can be rarely achieved during a lacrosse game.

There are three potential reasons why you would want to replace your lacrosse shaft:

  • The shaft cracked
  • The shaft became too sticky
  • You want to get a different design

Choosing the right lacrosse stick for you is one of the most important things to do. After having many lacrosse sticks throughout the years, the best one that I came across was the STX Lacrosse Fortress 700 Complete Stick. This lacrosse stick comes with a Crux Mesh Pro Pocket and is perfect for any lacrosse player to use. You can check out this Stick on Amazon!

Know When It's Time For A New Stick
Know When It’s Time For A New Stick!

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If you do somehow manage to crack your lacrosse stick, it’s definitely time to replace it. Playing with a cracked stick can severely mess with the accuracy of your shots.

Most lacrosse players want to tape up their lacrosse sticks to increase their grip. Once this tape wears off over time, the stick can get very sticky.

Removing the stickiness could be a very hard task so some people decide to just get new sticks altogether.

There are many different styles and designs of lacrosse sticks. Getting tired of constantly playing with one design is another reason lacrosse players design to replace their sticks.

How often should you replace your lacrosse head?

Generally speaking, a lacrosse head should be replaced once you notice the plastic beginning to warp and bend when you’re trying to get a ground ball. A warped lacrosse head will make it hard for you to get the ball off the ground. This usually happens from overuse and requires replacement.

New lacrosse heads need to be broken in overtime. The middle of the lacrosse head is meant to get bendier the more you use it.

However, once it is overused, it will tend to bend out of shape completely and potentially will be collapsing in on itself.

Tip: Do not leave your lacrosse stick exposed to high heat as the plastic of the head will begin to warp!

You can check the integrity of the head by putting the butt of your stick on the floor and squishing the head with your hand and seeing if it completely folds in on itself.

I found this great video explaining this in detail:

You can also check the head’s integrity by pushing the head of the stick on the ground and see if it folds.

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When should I replace My lacrosse mesh?

As a general rule, your lacrosse mesh should be replaced once you notice that the pocket is stretched and worn out. The inside holes of the mesh will look wider than the outer holes. A stretched pocket will be deep and create too much whip when you’re trying to shoot.

In my opinion, the mesh is the most important thing to get right on your lacrosse stick.

If you create a pocket that is too high, too low, too deep, or too shallow when stringing your mesh, it can determine the accuracy of your shot!

So knowing when your mesh is worn out is crucial to winning a lacrosse game!

Replace Lacrosse Mesh Once It's Worn Out
Replace Lacrosse Mesh Once It’s Worn Out

When I need to restring my lacrosse head (which is pretty often), my favorite mesh to use is the ECD Lacrosse Hero 3.0. I recently came across this Complete Kit of Lacrosse Mesh and HeroStrings on Amazon and I never needed anything else. You can check it out on Amazon!

A lacrosse mesh can stretch out over time which will change the structure of the pocket in your lacrosse head.

However, depending on what mesh you get, they should overall last you for a while!

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How often should I restring my lacrosse stick?

As a general rule, a lacrosse stick should be restrung from 2 to 3 times a year or before every new lacrosse season. You should also consider restringing your lacrosse stick head when you start to notice that the pocket is worn out or the strings start to fray and loosen.

You will know that your lacrosse head needs a restraining when the strings that hold the mesh begin to fray. This usually happens over time or because you badly strung the head.

Loose strings will change the depth of your pocket which again messes with the accuracy of your shots.

You will also need restringing if your mesh is stretched out. As I mentioned before, the mesh will need to be replaced by getting a new one and restringing it!

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How do you take care of a lacrosse stick?

Generally speaking, you can take care of your lacrosse stick by storing it inside a cool and dry place such as a garage. This will allow the stick to maintain its integrity for a long time. If the lacrosse head is exposed to water or heat, it could deform the shape of the plastic and mesh.

When your lacrosse stick is left inside your car, the heat of the car can deform the plastic of your lacrosse head making it warp.

If you play lacrosse in the rain or you drop your stick into a puddle, make sure to dry out the mesh by placing a ball inside it. This will allow the pocket to dry in its original shape without getting crumpled!

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