How To Properly Store a Lacrosse Stick To Make It Last

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A lacrosse stick is an important piece of equipment for the sport of lacrosse. A good lacrosse stick can be very expensive to replace, so it’s important to store it properly to make sure it lasts as long as possible to be able to play multiple seasons of this amazing sport.

The best way to store your lacrosse stick is to keep it in a cool dry place that’s free from any moisture, heat, and direct sunlight. Place a ball in the throat of the stick to keep the head from deforming over time. Make sure the stick is clean and dry before storing it to avoid hardened residue.

In this article, I break down the best ways to store your lacrosse stick so that it lasts for many seasons! I will provide tips on the best places to store your stick so it remains in good condition for years to come.

How To Properly Store A Lacrosse Stick?

The best way to store a lacrosse stick is to put it in a cool, dry place. You don’t want to store your lacrosse stick in an area where it will get too hot or too cold since it will deform the plastic head of the stick. Avoid storing it in an area where it will be exposed to sunlight or moisture.

Another important tip for storing a lacrosse stick is to keep it away from sharp objects. Store it in a lacrosse bag or case that has padding to protect the stick. You also want to avoid leaning the stick against anything sharp or abrasive.

Place A Softball In The Throat Of Your Lacrosse Stick
A Softball Will Keep The Plastic On Your Lacrosse Stick From Deforming!

Place a softball in the throat of the stick to keep the head from warping.

Choosing the right lacrosse stick for you is one of the most important things to do. After having many lacrosse sticks throughout the years, the best one that I came across was the STX Lacrosse Fortress 700 Complete Stick. This lacrosse stick comes with a Crux Mesh Pro Pocket and is perfect for any lacrosse player to use. You can check out this Stick on Amazon!

When you’re not using your lacrosse stick, it’s important to keep it clean and dry. After each use, wipe down the stick with a clean cloth to remove any dirt or grime.

You should also give the stick a more thorough cleaning with warm water and soap after using it in muddy conditions. Be sure to rinse the stick well and dry it completely before storing it again.

Where Should I Store A Lacrosse Stick?

Overall, you want to store your lacrosse stick in a storage bag, closet, case, or under the bed. Once stored properly, these places are cool and dry as well as free from sunlight and moisture which makes them perfect to preserve the longevity of your lacrosse stick.

Below I will break down the proper way to store your lacrosse stick at these places:

Get a Lacrosse Stick Storage Bag

A lacrosse stick storage bag is a great option because it will protect your stick from dirt, dust, and moisture. These bags usually have padding to help keep the stick in good shape. You can find lacrosse stick storage bags online or at most sporting goods stores.

I recommend getting a basic Athletico Lacrosse Stick Bag that will an attack and a midfield lacrosse stick perfectly. This stick case comes in 3 different colors so pick which one is right for you. You can check out this lacrosse stick case on Amazon!

Put the Stick in a Hard Case

If you have a hard case for your lacrosse stick, this is another great option for storage. This will protect the stick from bumps and scratches.

Hard cases work the same way as a zipper bag would but with an added hardness protection on top of it!

Store the Stick in a Closet

An enclosed space like a closet is a good option for storing a lacrosse stick. Just be sure the closet is free from excessive heat or humidity.

Combining the closet with extra protection from a storage bag mentioned above is always a good idea sine it’ll help add an extra layer of protection from humidity.

A Locker Room

A locker room is a good option if you have one available. Just be sure to store the lacrosse stick in a bag or case to protect it from the elements.

I would make sure to add a bunch of Moisture Absorbent Silica Gel Desiccant Packets that will absorb any extra moisture and will dehumidify the surrounding area inside the locker! You can find these packets on Amazon!

Under the Bed

If you have the space, you can store your lacrosse stick under your bed. Wrap the stick in a piece of cloth to protect it from dust and dirt or place it in a lacrosse stick bag or case.

Either way, I would still include the extra silica gel packets anywhere I decide to store my lacrosse stick!

By following these tips, you can be sure your lacrosse stick will be properly stored and protected from damage. Be sure to place a softball in the throat of the stick to keep the head from warping. This is especially important if you intend to store the stick for an extended time.

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Where NOT To Store A Lacrosse Stick?

Generally speaking, do not store your lacrosse stick in a car, garage, or any other place that frequently fluctuates in temperatures and humidity. Storing a lacrosse stick in these locations will cause the stick to deform, warp, and degrade over time which will make the stick unusable during a game.

Avoid storing your lacrosse stick in places that are too hot or too cold. Too much heat will affect the plastic material in the throat of the stick, causing it to deform or warp. Too much heat will also make the handle sticky, especially if it previously had tape applied to it.

Extreme cold conditions can also cause the plastic around the head of the stick to become brittle.

The worst places I’ve found people “storing” – more like leaving – their lacrosse stick are in cars and garages. Cars and garages are constantly exposed to weather and temperature changes will will definitely influence the longevity of your lacrosse stick.

Additionally, avoid storing your lacrosse stick in an area where it will be exposed to sunlight or moisture. These conditions can damage the lacrosse stick and shorten its lifespan.

Finally, don’t store your lacrosse stick next to sharp objects as this could scratch or damage the stick. Instead, store it in a lacrosse bag or case that has padding to protect the stick.

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What Happens To A Lacrosse Stick/Mesh If Not Stored Correctly?

Not storing your lacrosse stick properly will result in a crumpled, torn, or warped lacrosse head. The head of the lacrosse stick is made out of plastic and mesh, which means that it can be easily damaged by heat or cold over time.

Replace Lacrosse Mesh Once It's Worn Out
The Mesh & Plastic On The Head Will Wear Out Over Time!

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Sunlight and moisture can also damage the lacrosse stick, causing it to degrade over time. Additionally, not storing the lacrosse stick in a padded bag or case can result in scratches and dents on the stick.

Moisture can also result in mold growing on the lacrosse stick, which is not only unsightly but can also be dangerous to your health.

Can Lacrosse Sticks Get Wet?

As a general rule, lacrosse sticks can get wet since the head is made of a string mesh. If the mesh on your lacrosse stick does get wet, be sure to dry it off completely before storing it away. You can crinkle up a paper towel and insert it into the mesh to help absorb any moisture from the strings.

Make Sure To Clean Your Lacrosse Stick
Clean Your Lacrosse Stick Before Storage!

The lacrosse stick itself is also prone to getting wet if is not properly dried after a lacrosse game. Since lacrosse is a contact sport, the stick can easily crack which will then allow direct access for the moisture to get into the inside of the stick.

If not properly dried, the stick and mesh will get ruined and rendered to be unusable!

It’s also important to avoid storing your lacrosse stick in an area where it will be exposed to excessive moisture or humidity as this can lead to mold growth.


How Do You Dry A Lacrosse Stick Properly?

Crinkle up a paper towel and insert it into the mesh of the lacrosse stick to help absorb any moisture. You can also use a hairdryer on the low setting to help dry off the lacrosse stick. Be sure to hold the hairdryer at least six inches away from the stick to avoid damaging it. 

The handle can be dried off with a cloth or paper towel. Be sure to remove any tape from the handle before drying it as this can cause the handle to become sticky.

How to Clean a Lacrosse Head with Mesh?

Warm some water and add a small amount of dish soap to it. Make sure the water isn’t hot; just slightly warm. Pour the water into a bucket and dip the mesh head of the lacrosse stick into it. Swish it around for a few seconds and then remove it from the water.

Use your fingers to scrub the mesh head gently in a circular motion. Rinse the head off with clean running water and then dry it completely with a cloth or paper towel as explained above.

How Often Does A Lacrosse Stick Need To Be Restrung?

A lacrosse stick should be restrung 2-3 times per season, or as needed. If you play lacrosse frequently, you may need to restring your stick more often. If the mesh is fraying or tearing, it’s time to restring the stick.

Lacrosse Head That Needs Restringing
This Is An Example Of A Lacrosse Head That Needs Restringing!

You can also take your lacrosse stick to a local sporting goods store to have it professionally strung.

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Final Thoughts

As a lacrosse player, I know how important a lacrosse stick could be to any player of this sport. Taking good care of your lacrosse stick will definitely show in your performance in the game since a lot depends on the stick!

I hope this article was helpful in teaching you how to properly store a lacrosse stick so that you can prolong it’s lifespan for as long as possible!


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