How Often Should I Restring My Lacrosse Stick? Should I?

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A lacrosse stick is one of the most important tools in the game of lacrosse. Knowing how to use it the right way can mean a victory over a loss. I recently found out that many lacrosse players are not aware of how often they need to restring their lacrosse sticks. If that is you, here’s what you need to know.

As a general rule, a lacrosse stick should be restrung from 2 to 3 times a year or before every new lacrosse season. You should also consider restringing your lacrosse stick head when you start to notice that the pocket is worn out or the strings start to fray and loosen.

When I first started playing lacrosse, I didn’t know anything about restringing my lacrosse stick. I had a ton of questions and didn’t know where to begin. Here’s everything you need to know about restringing your lacrosse head.

Should You Restring Your Lacrosse Stick?

In general, you should restring your lacrosse head every time the strings start to loosen because the lacrosse stick won’t be throwing the ball as well as before. When throwing the ball, the loose strings in the head will hold the ball inside the mesh instead of propelling it out.

Should I Restring My Lacrosse Stick

Since the strings in the lacrosse head are meant to launch the ball when you shoot, loose strings will capture the ball and slow down your shot!

Adjusting the strings either tighter or looser will help determine when the ball leaves the pocket of the lacrosse head. If the strings are worn out and loose around the mesh of the lacrosse head then the ball will be delayed when coming out of the pocket.

Restringing your lacrosse stick could be crucial for the accuracy of your shot during a lacrosse game.

If you don’t restring your lacrosse stick, you’ll have to constantly adjust your shots to match the output of the ball. This could get very annoying over time!

When I need to restring my lacrosse head (which is pretty often), my favorite mesh to use is the ECD Lacrosse Hero 3.0. I recently came across this Complete Kit of Lacrosse Mesh and HeroStrings on Amazon and I never needed anything else. You can check it out on Amazon!

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When should I restring my lacrosse stick?

Generally speaking, you should restring your lacrosse stick before every lacrosse season or when you feel like your shots are starting to be inaccurate. Loose lacrosse strings will move the mesh creating a deeper pocket. This will affect when the ball is released out of the pocket during a shot.

Knowing when to restring your lacrosse stick might sound simple, however, it really isn’t. I’ve seen some lacrosse players continue to play with a mesh that was barely holding on just because they didn’t know they needed to tighten their strings!

Lacrosse Head That Needs Restringing
The Strings Need Tightening!

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There are several scenarios where you’ll find yourself needing to restring your lacrosse head. Here are the top few reasons:

  • The mesh is too loose after usage
  • It’s a start to a new lacrosse season
  • The lacrosse head is pulling your shots
  • The lacrosse stick throws down

If it wear up to me, I would restring my lacrosse mesh after every single game! For my personal preference, I like to have a tight pocket in my lacrosse head. It helps me shoot accurately with a quick release.

However, each person is different. You have to find out how tight or lose you like your pocket to be to enhance your own lacrosse performance!

Once you figure that out, restring your mesh to your desired pocket size!

Below, I explain the right way to restring your lacrosse stick!

How do you string a lax stick?

As a general rule, you can string a lacrosse stick by bending the top layer of the mesh on itself to create two rows of diamond holes. Put a new string through each hole of the mesh individually and into the plastic to create a loop and connect them. Repeat with each hole.

I found that the best method of lacrosse stringing is the 9 diamond top string method.

Once stringing the lacrosse head with this method, it creates a smoother release of the ball while having control of which pocket shape you’re more comfortable with.

Here’s a video guide I found on how to string a 9 diamond top string:

After restringing my lacrosse stick to the 9 diamond top string my shots became much more accurate. However, it did take some time to get used to the new pocket dimensions.

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Why does my lacrosse mesh keep ripping?

In general, your lacrosse mesh keeps ripping because of over-usage. If your lacrosse mesh is ripping, it usually means that it’s time to get a new mesh and restring your lacrosse head. You could also tie the ripped parts with a crosslace to keep the mesh from falling apart.

How much does it cost to get a lacrosse stick restrung?

On average, the price to restring a lacrosse head is anywhere between $10 to $25 dollars depending on your location in the United States. These prices also vary according to the method of stringing that you want for your lacrosse head.

How tight should lacrosse strings be?

Generally speaking, lacrosse strings should be tightest at the top and looser towards the bottom of the lacrosse head. Tightening the top of the lacrosse head will help the pocket grab the ball better and will release the ball quicker when shooting.


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