What Sports Season Is Lacrosse Played In? How Long Is It

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The professional sport of lacrosse is an exciting sport that I both play and watch all the time. Having played lacrosse for several years now, two common questions I get asked are: What sports season is lacrosse usually played in and How long is the lacrosse season?

As a general rule, the professional sport of lacrosse is played in the Spring season. Depending on the level of competition, the lacrosse season can differ slightly from middle and high school to College and Pro levels. A lacrosse season lasts 3-4 months at all the different levels of competition.

What Season Is Lacrosse Played In

We generally associate lacrosse with being played outdoors on grass and in pretty much clear conditions. However, I have seen that more and more lacrosse is being played earlier in the year and in colder, less favorable weather. In this article, I will talk about the difference in lacrosse seasons between different age groups, schools, and the professional sport itself.

How long does a professional lacrosse season last?

On average, a professional lacrosse sports season generally lasts about four months depending on the season. At the professional lacrosse level, a regular lacrosse sports season runs for 18 games from December until April.

The professional lacrosse season can vary depending on the league. There are three professional men’s lacrosse leagues:

  • The Premier Lacrosse League
  • The Major League Lacrosse
  • The National Lacrosse League
Lacrosse Is Played In Grassy Fields
Lacrosse Is Played In Grassy Fields!

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The Professional Lacrosse League (PLL) season in 2021 ran from June 4 – to September 19.

The Major League Lacrosse (MLL) plays 10 to 16 games in a summertime regular season followed by a four-team playoff for the championship. 

The National Lacrosse League (NLL) runs from November until March with 18 games played during the regular season.

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However, these months started changing once the global pandemic in 2019 started and affected sports competitions all over the world. Lacrosse was no exception. There were a lot of adjustments to the timing of lacrosse competitions.

When is lacrosse season for middle school?

Similar to other competition levels of Lacrosse, the middle school sport of lacrosse is played in the Spring season since it is an outdoor sport. However, there are also middle school competitions and tournaments that take place in Summer.

Lacrosse is an outdoor sport played on grass, Spring and Summer are the most favorable times for Lacrosse.

There are also options for training camps during Fall, but generally speaking, middle school lacrosse takes place during Spring.

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What season is lacrosse in high school?

Generally speaking, the high school lacrosse sports season is usually played during the Spring. The timing of high school lacrosse competitions can vary by state but generally takes place from late February with state championships taking place in June.

However, for serious high school lacrosse players, continuing to play into Summer provides an opportunity to get noticed by college recruiters.

High school lacrosse in the summer is mainly reserved for select competitions and showcases.

Although different conferences and regions may have different start and end dates for their high school lacrosse seasons, they all pretty much fall within the time frame of February up until June.

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What season is lacrosse played in college?

Generally speaking, the college lacrosse sports season is usually played in the Spring. The NCAA lacrosse season begins in early February with post-season conference tournaments held in late April. NCAA Lacrosse teams generally play 13 regular-season games during the Spring.

At the college level, the lacrosse season is from the middle of February up to the end of April with finals taking place around Memorial Day weekend.

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Can lacrosse be played in other seasons?

In general, lacrosse can be played in all four seasons. Summertime and Springtime lacrosse is generally played by more serious athletes while Fall and Wintertime Lacrosse is mostly played indoors out of the harsh weather by novices of the sport.

While Lacrosse is mostly known as a Spring season sport, it definitely can and is played in other seasons.

Lacrosse played in snow
Lacrosse Can Be Played In The Winter As Well!

Serious athletes who are part of select teams participate in showcase competitions and play to improve their individual performance. Summertime practice usually gets the attention of lacrosse coaches.

Winter and Fall lacrosse seasons are being played indoors and are known as “off-season” lacrosse.

As the season gets pushed earlier into the year, additional adjustments are being made to allow for more competitive lacrosse outdoors.

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People also ask me…

Can lacrosse be played in the summer?

Lacrosse could be played in the summer season. Summertime lacrosse is reserved more for select players who participate in specific teams, recruiting camps, and special showcases. It places less emphasis on winning and more on individual players’ improvement while getting the attention of coaches.

Lacrosse can be played in the summer. However, the competition level can differ from the more recognized spring Lacrosse competitions.

Can lacrosse be played in the winter? 

Lacrosse could be played in the winter season. Adjustments can be made for winter Lacrosse such as using a colored ball instead of the regular white Lacrosse ball and using a more durable Lacrosse mesh that can handle cold weather and snow. However, wintertime lacrosse is usually played indoors.

Lacrosse can be played during Fall/Winter but most of the games played during this time are held indoors and are not as competitive as the regular Spring season competitions.

However, there are some adjustments required from the regular Spring/Summer version of Lacrosse to be able to play during Winter.


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